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Welcome to St. Mary of Egypt Orthodox Church

We are a parish of the Russian Orthodox Church, a part of the worldwide Orthodox Church founded by our Lord Jesus Christ and spread throughout the world by His holy apostles and their successors.  The church is located in Roswell, Georgia, and our parishioners come from all parts of the metropolitan Atlanta area and beyond. We welcome visitors from all over the world...more

News Updates

Let Us Learn to Pray - 08/07/22

Spiritual Instruction from St. Theophan the Recluse

St. Anna, Mother of the Most Holy Mother of God - 08/07/22

A Homily by His Eminence Metropolitan Hierotheos

On the Eighth Sunday after Pentecost - 08/07/22

A Sermon by Archbishop Andrei (Rymarenko) of Rockland (+1978)

The Ascetic Podvig of Living in the World - 08/07/22

Metropolitan Laurus of Eastern America and New York (+2008)

The Dormition of the Righteous Anna - 08/07/22

O Godly-minded Anna, thou didst give birth unto God's pure Mother who conceived Him Who is our Life. Wherefore, thou hast now passed with joy to thy heavenly rest, wherein is the abode of them that rejoice in glory

Holy Passion-Bearers, Great Princes Boris and Gleb - 08/06/22

by Archpriest Peter Olsen

Miraculous Occurrences at Sarov Monastery - 08/06/22

At the Opening of the Holy Relics of St. Seraphim of Sarov in 1903

Paths of the Russian Church in the Catacombs and the Diaspora - 08/06/22

Archpriest Oleg Mironov interviewed by Protodeacon Andrei Psarev

Passion-Bearers Boris and Gleb - 08/06/22

The holy Passion-bearers Boris and Gleb were the first Russian saints glorified by the Russian and Byzantine Churches. A service to them was composed soon after their death, and its author was St John I, Metropolitan of Kiev (1008-1035)

Seeking the Presence of God With All Our Strength - 07/31/22

by Metropolitan Merkury of Rostov and Novocherkassk

Sunday of the Fathers of the First Six Councils - 07/31/22

An Ecumenical Council is the Church's supreme authority, and possesses the competence to resolve major questions of church life.

Hear with Your Heart - 07/31/22

A talk with Archpriest Andrei Goryachev, minister to Moscow's Blind, Deaf, and Mute.

Regaining Our Sight with the Blind Men - 07/31/22

On the Seventh Sunday After Pentecost - Delivered on August 12, 1956 by Archpriest Vsevolod Shpiller

The Church - The Treasury of Salvation - 07/30/22

by St. John of Kronstadt

Saint Marina the Great Martyr and Vanquisher of Demons - 07/30/22

The Archangel Michael appeared and said: "Great is your faith, Marina. Have more strength, for it is by your good confession that your soul will survive, and you will gain the holy baptism."

Conservative vs. Liberal Clergy? - 07/30/22

by Archpriest Geoffrey Korz

On Humility and the Humble Outlook - 07/24/22

By Elder Joseph of Vatopaidi (+2009)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Great Martyr Euphemia and Holy Blessed Princess Olga - 07/24/22

A homily by St. John of Shanghai
Belgrade, 1928

The Paralytic’s Boldness of Faith - 07/24/22

A Homily by Bishop Mitrophan (Znosko-Borovsky) of Boston (+2002)

The Sixth Sunday After Pentecost - 07/24/22

A Sermon by Archbishop Feofan (Bystrov)

Saint Anthony of the Kiev Caves - 07/23/22

The virtuous life of St Anthony illumined the Russian land with the beauty of monasticism.

The Monastic Path - 07/23/22

by Abbot Tryphon (Parsons)

The Venerable Kuksha of Odessa - 07/23/22

by Nun Theophania (Nekislaya)

Prayer of the Heart for the Faithful Living in the World - 07/17/22

by Elder Joseph of Vatopaidi (Spiritual Child of Elder Joseph the Hesychast)

On the Fifth Sunday After Pentecost - 07/17/22

Sermon by Protopriest Rostislav Gan

On The Royal Family - 07/17/22

A Sermon by Metropolitan Philaret (Voznesensky)

The Two Demoniacs: A Terrible Picture For Us - 07/17/22

by Archbishop Andrei (Rymarenko, 1893-1978)

In Memory of the Royal Martyrs - 07/17/22

In their lives they stood for family, humility, nobility, duty, the Russian people, and above all for the holy Orthodox faith.

Testimony from Mount Athos, The significance of pain - 07/16/22

by Elder Joseph of Vatopaidi

How I was Rejected from Optina in My Youth - 07/16/22

by Bishop Joseph (Korolev) of Tarusa

The Unexpected Blessing of a Depraved Society - 07/16/22

by Dr. Amir Azarvan

On the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul - 07/12/22

Sermon 82
Saint Leo the Great

Sts. Peter and Paul, the Foremost of the Apostles - 07/12/22

Homily Twenty-Eight
by St. Gregory Palamas

Saturday, 31 July / 13 August
Forefeast of the Procession of the Precious Cross/St Eudocimus of Cappadocia
Midnight- Midnight Office/ Litia of the Departed
8:40AM- 3rd/6th Hours
9:00AM- Divine Liturgy
2:45PM- 9th Hour/Little Vesp./Comp./Confessions
5:00PM- Vigil/Confessions
Sunday, 1 / 14 August
9th Sunday after Pentecost/Procession of the Precious Cross
9:00AM- Midnight Office
9:40AM- Hours
10:00AM- Divine Liturgy
3:00PM-- 9th Hour/Vespers/Compline
Monday, 2 / 15 August
Holy Protomartyr Stephen
Midnight- Midnight Office/Litia of the Departed
9:00AM- 3rd/6th Hours
3:00PM- 9th Hour/Vespers/Matins/1st Hour
7:00PM- Compline
Fasting discipline varies from one Orthodox jurisdiction to the next. Our church calendar should be consulted for the fasting discipline of our parish.



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