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Saint David of Gareji and His Monastery - 05/29/12

During his whole life, St. David took care of his followers and spiritual fellows, visiting them and supporting their faith.

Saint Isidore of Rostov the Fool For Christ - 05/29/12

He instructed those who desired spiritual guidance, condemned immorality, and led many souls to the path of salvation

Holy Fathers of the First Ecumenical Council - 05/26/12

Metropolitan Philaret of Eastern American and New York on the Sunday of the Fathers

Sunday, the Lord's Day - 05/26/12

By St. Nikodemos the Hagiorite
Brethren, we shudder when we think about the lofty and great and wondrous prerogatives of the resurrectional day of Sunday

Ascension - 05/23/12

Saint Leo the Great's First Homily on the Ascension of Christ

Ascension - 05/23/12

Saint Leo the Great's Second Homily on the Ascension of Christ

Holy Prophet Isaiah - 05/22/12

With a great voice like that of a trumpet,
You proclaimed the coming of Christ to the world.

St. John the Theologian - 05/21/12

Together with Peter and James, John was deigned worthy to become close to the Lord, being with Him during the most important and triumphant times of His earthly life.

Sunday of the Blind Man - 05/19/12

John 9:1-38
From the Explanation of the Gospel of St. John,
by Blessed Theophylact, Archbishop of Ochrid and Bulgaria

Sunday of the Blind Man - 05/19/12

from the Synaxaria of Nikephoros Kallistos Xanthopoulos

A Homily on the Long-Suffering and Patient Job - 05/18/12

By St. Nikolai Velimirovich
The whole of Sacred Scripture shows us that God will never forsake the righteous. The example of Job shows us this as clearly as the sun.

The Orthodox World-View - 05/18/12

A talk delivered by Hieromonk Seraphim (Rose) at the St. Herman Pilgrimage, August 1982, St. Herman of Alaska Monastery, Platina, California.

Epistle of His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia - 05/17/12

On the Fifth Anniversary of the signing of the Act of Canonical Communion between the Moscow Patriarchate and the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia

What is Orthodoxy? - 05/16/12

by Archbishop Averky of Syracuse and Holy Trinity Monastery
Alas! How few people there are in our times...who understand correctly what Orthodoxy is and wherein its essence lies.

Saint Tamar, Queen of Georgia - 05/14/12

Despite her youth, she ruled the country with such wisdom and godliness — leading it to unprecedented military triumphs, fostering arts and letters, and zealously strengthening Orthodoxy.

The Samaritan Woman - 05/12/12

Saint John Chrysostom on the Samaritan Woman
“Give me this water, that I thirst not, neither come hither to draw.” (John 4:15).

The Holy Apostle James - 05/12/12

The Holy Apostle James, Son of Zebedee, one of the 12 Apostles, was called by our Lord Jesus Christ together with his brother, the Apostle John the Theologian.

Champion of the Arena — Bishop Ignatius Brianchaninov - 05/12/12

A chapter from Archpriest Nicholas Deputatov's book, The Awareness of God, contains a brief life of Bishop Ignatius, together with short selections from his writings.

The Life of Holy Hieromartyr Hilarion (Troitsky) - 05/11/12

Throughout his life he burned with great love for the Church of Christ, right up to his martyric death for her sake.

The Feast of Mid-Pentecost and the Pentecostarion - 05/09/12

The Fathers teach us that the feast of Mid-Pentecost stands in the middle of the fifty-day period from Pascha to Pentecost as a mighty flowing river of divine grace which have these two great feasts as its source. 

Metropolitan Philaret on Mid-Pentecost - 05/09/12

By Metropolitan Philaret of Eastern America and New York (+1985)

Holy Apostle and Evangelist Mark - 05/07/12

From thine early youth, O Mark, the truth enlightened thee, and thou didst love the labor of Christ the Saviour... In recording the Gospel, thou hast enlightened the world.

The winner of the trophy of love - 05/06/12

In memory of the great Martyr, St George, the Trophy bearer
by Elder Joseph of Vatopaidi

Healing of the Paralytic - 05/06/12

From The Explanation of the Gospel of St. John
by Blessed Theophylact, Archbishop of Ochrid and Bulgaria

Homily on the Sunday of the Paralytic - 05/05/12

by St. Ignatius (Brianchaninov)

Behold, thou art made whole: sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee (Jn. 5:14)

The Real St. George - 05/05/12

...he became a spiritual husbandman, sowing the seed of God and working in His fields.

The Kursk-Root Icon journeys to Germany and Great Britain - 05/05/12


Saint Matrona the Blind of Moscow (+ 1952) - 05/04/12

Blessed Matrona (Matrona Dmitrievna Nikonova) was born in 1881 in the village of Sebino in the province of Tula

What Has the Feast of Pascha Left in Our Souls? - 05/03/12

by St. John Of Kronstadt
And so, the Feast of Feasts has passed by us: and the Royal Gates in the Lord’s temples are shut...

History of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad - 05/02/12

by St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco

"The Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia is that part of the Russian Church which is outside the boundaries of the Russian State"

On the Necessity of Constant Prayer - 05/01/12

by St. Nikodemos of the Holy Mountain

...every Christian ought always to labor in prayer

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