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Life of Macrina by Gregory of Nyssa - 07/31/12

St. Macrina was born to a holy family: her parents were Ss. Basil the Elder and Emily; four of her nine brothers and sisters are commemorated as saints: Basil the Great, Peter of Sebaste, Gregory of Nyssa, and Theosebia the Deaconess; her grandmother, for whom she was named, is commemorated as St. Macrina the Elder.

Saint Marina the Great Martyr and Vanquisher of Demons - 07/30/12

The Archangel Michael appeared and said: "Great is your faith, Marina. Have more strength, for it is by your good confession that your soul will survive, and you will gain the holy baptism."

The Oldest Athonite Monk Has Reposed - 07/30/12

Today, Sunday 29 July 2012, the oldest living monk on Mount Athos reposed in the Lord. Fr. John of Hilandari was 105 years old.

Sunday of the Fathers of the First Six Councils - 07/28/12

The Holy Fathers of the Ecumenical Councils are honored by the Church because, based upon the preaching of the Apostles, they have established one faith for the Church.

The Holy Equal-To-The-Apostles Prince Vladimir - 07/28/12

Spoken on July 15, 1899 by the holy Patriarch Tikhon the Confessor, during his tenure as Archbishop of the Aleutian Islands and Alaska

Why We Celebrate the Archangel Gabriel's Synaxis Twice - 07/26/12

The day after the feast of the Annunciation the Orthodox Church celebrates Archangel Gabriel. Yet on July 13th we find ourselves celebrating another Synaxis in honor of the Archangel Gabriel.

Great Martyr Euphemia and Holy Blessed Princess Olga - 07/23/12

a homily by St. John of Shanghai
Belgrade, 1928

Saint Anthony of the Kiev Caves - 07/23/12

The virtuous life of St Anthony illumined the Russian land with the beauty of monasticism.

Hieromartyr Pankratios, Bishop of Taormina - 07/22/12

By Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos and Agios Vlasios

In the life of Saint Pankratios we see the close relationship between faith, baptism, asceticism, the hierarchy, and martyrdom.

Sts. Prokopios and Constantine, Protectors of Orthodox Marriage - 07/21/12

In the blessing at the conclusion of the Holy Matrimony service, the prayers of St. Prokopios and those of Sts. Emperors Constantine and Helen are requested

Saint Prokopios the Great Martyr - 07/20/12

When Diocletian launched the last and most ruthless persecution against Christians, his first victim in Palestine was a young man named Prokopios (Procopius).

Russian Church Opens Mission in Pakistan - 07/19/12

The Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR) has founded a mission in Pakistan.

Over 40,000 gather to honor Royal Martyrs - 07/17/12

Miracles of the Royal Martyrs - 07/16/12

From that time on we often appealed to the Holy Tsar Nicholas, and help came immediately under extraordinary circumstances. O Holy Royal Martyrs, pray to God for us!

Crown Jewels: The Royal Children-Martyrs - 07/16/12

The Romanov children were beautiful - not only in their outward appearance, which was striking, but primarily in their inner qualities...pious, God-fearing and endowed with all manner of Christian virtue.

The Placing of the Honorable Robe of the Mother of God - 07/15/12

"you have given your sacred robe as a garment of incorruption to all the faithful"

St. Juvenaly of Alaska - 07/15/12

St Juvenal was a member of the first mission sent from Russia to proclaim the Gospel in the New World.

How The Lord Chose His Twelve Apostles - 07/13/12

By St. Cyril of Alexandria
"And when it was day, He called His disciples to Himself; and from them He chose twelve, whom He also named apostles." (Lk 6: 13)

Sts. Peter and Paul, Foremost of the Holy Apostles - 07/12/12

First in prominence among the Apostles, and teachers to the Universe

The Apostle Peter, A Greater Philosopher Than Plato - 07/12/12

By St. John Chrysostom

An Introduction to the Epistles of the Apostle Paul - 07/12/12

By St. John Chrysostom

St. Sampson the Hospitable - 07/10/12

Thou didst persevere unceasingly in prayer; thou didst love the poor, and didst provide for them in all things.

Joanna the Myrrh-Bearer - 07/10/12

Wife of King Herod's steward went to the Sepulchre to anoint the Holy Body of the Lord

Venerable Nikon the Confessor of Optina - 07/07/12

Elder Nikon of Optina was glorified with all the Elders of Optina by the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia in 1990.

The Nativity of St. John the Baptist - 07/06/12

Homily of Saint John of Shanghai and San Francisco

St. Etheldreda, Abbess of Ely - 07/06/12

Venerable Mother Etheldreda, daughter of King Anna of East Anglia, founded Ely Abbey

Monastic Life in the Judean Wilderness - 07/06/12

These monks abandoned all their possessions and families (Mark 10:17-31) to live a life of chastity, fasting and asceticism in the desert.

Saint Eusebius, Bishop of Samosata - 07/05/12

The Hieromartyr Eusebius stood firmly for the Orthodox Confession of Faith proclaimed at the First Ecumenical Council at Nicea in the year 325.

St. Alban Protomartyr of Britain - 07/05/12

... lest Britain be totally plunged into the thick gloom of black night, He kindled for us the brilliant lamps of the holy martyrs...

Saint Julian of Cilicia - 07/05/12

You were clad in the armor of the Spirit, entering the contest and destroying the enemy.

Sermon of Hieromonk John (Maximovich) - 07/02/12

on his election as Bishop of Shanghai
Belgrade, May 27, 1934

Holy Apostle Jude - 07/02/12

Jude was the brother of St. James and son of St. Joseph, Betrothed to the Theotokos.

Metropolitan Kallistos (Ware) Lectures on the Jesus Prayer - 07/02/12

Friday, June 22, 2012 at St. John the Baptist Cathedral in Washington, DC

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