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The Current State of the Russian Church Abroad - 08/31/19

A memorandum written by Bishop Ieronim in 1946

Sts. Florus and Laurus the Martyrs of Illyria - 08/31/19

The Martyrs Florus and Laurus were brothers by birth not only in flesh but in spirit.

A Homily by St. Gregory Palamas - 08/28/19

The Dormition of Our Supremely Pure Lady Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary

On the Dormition - 08/28/19

by St. John of Damascus

Sermon on the Dormition of the Most Holy Theotokos - 08/28/19

by St. John of Kronstadt

A Spiritual Mother - 08/27/19

In Memoriam: Schema-Abbess Magdalena (Dosmanova)

10th Sunday after Pentecost – Healing the Possessed Youth - 08/25/19

Homily From “The One Thing Needful,” Sermons of Archbishop Andrei (Rymarenko)

On the Healing of the Possessed Youth - 08/25/19

A Homily by Metropolitan Vladimir (Ikim) of Omsk and Tarsk

Tenth Sunday after Pentecost - 08/25/19

The Healing of the Lunatic
From The Explanation of the Gospel of St. Matthew by Blessed Theophylact

Divine Providence by St. John of Tobolsk - 08/24/19

St. John Damascene: “Providence is Divine will which maintains everything and wisely rules over everything.”

Always Be Joyful! - 08/24/19

Elder Nikolai Guryanov in the Recollections of His Contemporaries

Keeper of the Treasury - 08/20/19

In Memory of Hieromartyr Simon (Shleev), the First Edinoverie Bishop

Evil Spirits and How They Attack Humans - 08/20/19

By Fr. Valery Dukhanin

On the Transfiguration - 08/19/19

by St. Gregory Palamas

The Transfiguration of Christ - 08/19/19

Homily of St. Luke of Simferopol (delivered in 1956)

On the Transfiguration - 08/19/19

by St. Leo the Great ca. 400-461

Homily on Christ Walking Upon the Water - 08/18/19

by Metropolitan Avgoustinos Kantiotes (+2010)

Ninth Sunday after Pentecost - 08/18/19

Jesus Walking on the Water
From The Explanation of the Gospel of St. Matthew
by Blessed Theophylact

The Lesser of Two Evils - 08/17/19

In difficult life circumstances we often have to select from two or more evils. Can a choice like this be based on Christian principles?
By Igumen Nektary (Morozov)

Simply a Matter of Honor - 08/17/19

Homily by Archpriest Alexander Webster
Delivered at Holy Trinity Monastery
July 15/28, 2018

Writing the History of the Russian Church Abroad - 08/17/19

Dr. Andrei Alexandrovich Kostriukov is a Senior Researcher at Saint Tikhon’s Orthodox University of the Humanities

Eighth Sunday after Pentecost - 08/11/19

The Miracle of the Five Loaves and Two Fishes
From The Explanation of the Gospel of St. Matthew
by Blessed Theophylact

“Confessing Christ by Our Whole Lives” - 08/10/19

A talk with Archimandrite Hilarion (Dan) formerly a distinguished economist and today one of the most esteemed spiritual fathers in Romania

St. Herman's Spruce Island: The Beauty America is Missing - 08/10/19

St. Herman lived on Spruce Island and felt at home there because it reminded him so much of his faraway home in Valaam Monastery.

A Simple Approach to Reading the Entire Bible - 08/10/19

by Archpriest John Whiteford

St. Mary Magdalene the Myrrh-bearer and Equal-to-the-Apostles - 08/04/19

With great love toward the resurrected Lord, and with great zeal, she proclaimed the Holy Gospel to the world as a true apostle of Christ.

Holy Myrrh-bearer and Equal-to-the-Apostles Mary Magdalen - 08/04/19

St. Mary Magdalen zealously fulfilled the first and greatest commandment: Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy mind and with all thy strength.

Hear with Your Heart - 08/04/19

A talk with Archpriest Andrei Goryachev, minister to Moscow's Blind, Deaf, and Mute.

Seeking the Presence of God With All Our Strength - 08/04/19

by Metropolitan Merkury of Rostov and Novocherkassk

Seventh Sunday after Pentecost - 08/04/19

Healing of the Two Blind Men
From The Explanation of the Gospel of St. Matthew by Blessed Theophylact

Homily on the Vision of Prophet Ezekiel - 08/03/19

by St. Makarios of Egypt

The Other Matrona - 08/03/19

The Life and Podvig of the Confessor St. Matrona of Anemnyasevo

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