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The Prophet Hosea - 10/30/13

Despite the fact that the kingdom was enjoying a period of prosperity and material affluence, its religious life was in crisis due to the introduction of alien gods.

Hieromartyr Vladimir of Kiev - 10/30/13

“Not to me, oh Lord, but unto Thy name be the glory!”
Martyrdom – the Crown of the Humble.

Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary - 10/30/13

Every donation to the Seminary is a gift to the Church's future!

Holy Fathers of the Seventh Ecumenical Council - 10/27/13

The Seventh Ecumenical Council, convoked by the Empress Irene and met at Nicaea in 787. The council ended almost fifty years of iconoclast persecution and established the veneration of the holy icons as basic to the belief and spirituality of Christ's Church.

"I am Going to Jordanville, No Matter What" - 10/27/13

Interview with the late Protopriest Alexey Ohotin

The Parable of the Sower - 10/27/13

Luke 8:5-15
From The Explanation of the Gospel of St. Luke
by Blessed Theophylact

We Have to Return to Our Roots - 10/27/13

A Conversation with Schema-Archimandrite Gabriel Bunge

Holy Neomartyr Chryse - 10/26/13

One of the brightest pages in the golden book of Martyrs was written by the Neomartyrs, who were martyred during the dark period of Ottoman rule, which they illuminated and brightened with the confession of their faith and their blood.

Synaxis of the Optina Elders - 10/23/13

This feast commemorates the Elders of Optina Hermitage a focus for the powerful renewal movement that spread through the Church in Russia beginning early in the nineteenth century, and continuing up to (and even into) the atheist persecutions of the twentieth century.

Unlocking the Mysteries of the Resurrection of Christ - 10/20/13

Sermon Delivered By Saint Nikolai Velimirovich
Pascha, 1934; Ochrid, Yugoslavia

Raising the Son of the Widow - 10/20/13

Luke 7:11-16
From The Explanation of the Gospel of St. Luke
by Blessed Theophylact

St. Charitine the Martyr - 10/18/13

Saint Charitine lived in the third century. She was the slave of a rich man named Claudius, who appreciated her and respected her for her character and charisma.

On the Banishment and Repentance of Adam and Every Christian - 10/17/13

by St. Symeon the New Theologian

A church at the Crossroads - 10/17/13

The new St. Nicholas church will be finished by 2016 and will become one of the significant parts of the new World Trade Center complex.

Bishop Nikolai (Ivan Ilyich Karpov) of London - 10/13/13

Archimandrite Nikolai was the first Orthodox Bishop of London in the nearly nine centuries since the Great Schism of 1054

As Ye Would that Men Should Do to You - 10/13/13

Luke 6:31-36
From The Explanation of the Gospel of St. Luke
by Blessed Theophylact

Gregory the Enlightener - 10/13/13

Hieromartyr Gregory is credited with forging the Christian identity of Armenia through conversion from pagan beliefs.

The Trial of Patriarch Tikhon - 10/12/13

From Ivan M. Andreev's book, A Brief Overview of the History of the Church of Russia from the Revolution to Our Days (Jordanville, 1952).

Contemporary Testimonies of the Vision of God on the Holy Mountain - 10/12/13

By Metropolitan Hierotheos
of Nafpaktos and Agiou Vlasiou

The Repose of the Apostle and Evangelist John The Theologian - 10/09/13

He was a humble fisherman who earned a living by casting his nets daily into mighty Lake Gennesareth. 

The Miraculous Catch of Fish - 10/06/13

Luke 5:1-11
From The Explanation of the Gospel of St. Luke
by Blessed Theophylact

Saint John the New Martyr of Vrachori (+ 1814) - 10/06/13

Formerly a Muslim and a dervish, he came to Christ and was martyred for his faith.

Fire at New York’s St. Nicholas Cathedral - 10/05/13

Shortly after midnight on Friday, October 4, 2013, a two-alarm fire broke out at Saint Nicholas Cathedral on East 97th Street.

WABC Eyewitness News reported that the fire was contained to the basement of the seven-story structure and took two hours to get under control. Twenty-five units and over 100 firefighters were called to the scene.

The historic cathedral serves as the cathedra of His Eminence, Archbishop Justinian of Naro-Fominsk, Administrator of the Patriarchal Parishes in the USA.

On Physical and Spiritual Sickness - 10/03/13

St. John of Kronstadt from My Life in Christ

Archbishop Antony (Bartoshevich) of Geneva and Western Europe (+ 1993) - 10/03/13

A Short Biography by Bernard le Caro

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