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The Sunday of the Holy Forefathers / Parable of the Great Supper - 12/29/19

by Fr. Seraphim Holland

Are We Ready for Christmas? - 12/29/19

by Metropolitan Avgoustinos Kantiotes

Sunday of the Holy Forefathers of Christ - 12/29/19

including A Homily on the Sunday of the Holy Forefathers by St. Gregory Palamas

The Parable of the Supper - 12/29/19

Luke 14:16-24
From The Explanation of the Gospel of St. Luke
by Blessed Theophylact

Concerning Faith and Baptism - 12/28/19

by St. John of Damascus

On the Persecution against the Russian Orthodox Church and Archbishop Hilarion (Troitsky) - 12/28/19

by Metropolitan Anthony (Khrapovitsky)

The Image and Likeness of God in Man - 12/28/19

By St. Ignatius (Brianchaninov)

How to keep Silence for our own good - 12/22/19

Marvelous advice from St. Ambrose of Milan

The Conception by St. Anna of the Most Holy Theotokos - 12/22/19

An angel of the Lord announced that they would be the parents of a daughter, Who would bring blessings to the whole human race

On Sickness - 12/22/19

Excerpts from the diary of St. John of Kronstadt on Physical and Spiritual Sickness

The Healing of the Ten Lepers - 12/22/19

Luke 17:12-19
From The Explanation of the Gospel of St. Luke
by Blessed Theophylact

The Inestimable Value of Orthodoxy - 12/21/19

By Archpriest Nicholas Deputatov

The Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia and the Holocaust - 12/21/19

by Dr. Mikhail Vitalievich Sharovskii
A groundbreaking study revealing ideological predisposition and human compassion

Sermon on the Feast Day of St Nicholas the Wonderworker - 12/19/19

by Metropolitan Anthony (Khrapovitsky)

The Life of Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker - 12/19/19

The truth of things hath revealed thee to thy flock as a rule of faith, an icon of meekness, and a teacher of temperance

Father of a Huge Family - 12/17/19

The Memory of Elder Ephraim

Who is the Rich Man That Shall Be Saved? - 12/15/19

by St. Clement of Alexandria

Homily on the Holy Prophet Habakkuk - 12/15/19

by Protopresbyter James Thornton

Sell All That Thou Hast - 12/15/19

Luke 18:18-27
From The Explanation of the Gospel of St. Luke
by Blessed Theophylact

Perpetual Embers: A Chronicle of ROCOR’s Missionary Efforts in India - 12/14/19

by Monk Theodore (Stanway)

Part 1

Part 2

Ukraine Schism: What is a Layman To Do? - 12/14/19

Archpriest John Whiteford: how people should deal with the implications of the mess created by Constantinople's incursion into the canonical territory of the Russian Church

The Martyrdom and Relics of St. Clement of Rome - 12/08/19

The virtuous life, charitable works and prayerful activity of St. Clement converted many to Christ.

The Healing of the Woman with a Spirit of Infirmity - 12/08/19

Luke 13:10-17
From The Explanation of the Gospel of St. Luke
by Blessed Theophylact

Homily on the Entry of the Theotokos into the Temple - 12/04/19

by St. Philaret of Moscow

The Entry into the Temple of the Most-holy Theotokos - 12/04/19

St. Nikolai Velimirovch from the Prologue of Ochrid

Saint Philaret Metropolitan of Moscow - 12/02/19

His expositions of the Faith, spoken and written, caused him to be regarded as a Father of the Church in his own time; many called him "the new Chrysostom."

St. Basil the Great - Sermon to the Rich - 12/01/19

The following sermon was probably delivered in the year 368, when most of Asia Minor was struck by a severe drought which caused great hardship.

What is the Meaning of Life? - 12/01/19

A homily on the foolish rich man by Bishop Mitrophan (Znosko-Borovsky) of Boston (+2002)

The Rich Man - 12/01/19

Luke 12:16-21
From The Explanation of the Gospel of St. Luke
by Blessed Theophylact

On the Nativity Fast – the Preparation of the Soul - 12/01/19

Bishop Irenei (Steenberg) of Sacramento

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